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Vocar Transportation Services, LLC. was founded in 2004. Cross border Trucking was the main focus through the Port of Laredo, TX. Soon after, LTL services were offered to our customers, through hard work, customer service, and acquisitions, Vocar has become the fastest growing Texas based LTL carrier.


Operations Research Analyst

Vocar Transportation Services LLC is seeking an Operations Research Analyst with 6-month experience and a Master's degree in analytics, business, finance, or related fields. Develop business methods and procedures, design transportation plans and solutions, improve standard logistic process, analyze cost proposals, generate pricing proposals, perform audits, make price recommendations, periodic margin reviews, develop pricing tools, formulate mathematical models, conduct research on performance and deliver data insights, build ad hoc reports.

Salary: $81,000
Jobsite: San Antonio, TX

Send resume to: Vocar Transportation Services LLC at 5855 Bicentennial St., San Antonio, TX 78219.